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B.Leza back in town

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Legendary Lisbon African dancehall B.Leza, forced to become itinerant for several years, has finally found a new home, reports Publico. Sofia Saudade e Silva, one of two sisters who run B.Leza, said the new location remains hush hush for the time being. But she revealed the new venue is a stone’s throw away from its palace-like predecessor, near Largo Conde Barao, and closer to the River Tagus. So my guess is somewhere near the Ribeira municipal market and Igreja de Sao Paulo – if you know Lisbon.

B.Leza’s co-proprietor said she hopes the new establishment will be up and running by August. The club has operated out of a number of Lisbon locations recently including Teatro Sao Luiz, Musicbox and Teatro Bairro Alto. B.Leza is named after the eponymous Cape Verdean singer of morna, the West African islands’ take on Portuguese fado. Or is that the other way round?


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May 13, 2011 at 8:21 am

The struggle continues…

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Homens da Luta, the group singing Portugal’s Eurovision entry, have been knocked out in the semi-final of the contest so won’t be taking their comic and ironic protest song “A Luta e Alegria” to the final in Düsseldorf. A Luta e Alegria, or The Struggle is Joy, has captured the imagination of unemployed Portuguese youngsters and state workers facing the dole because of austerity measures currently being implemented.

Publico notes that Homens da Luta would always have a real fight on their hands to make the Eurovision final because the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, whose respective state broadcasters pick up the lion’s share of the Eurovision tab, are guaranteed places in the event.

Abba won Eurovision in 1974 singing Waterloo but had been unsuccessful in previous competitions. A salutary lesson for Homens da Luta to keep up their heroic struggle. Portugal’s 1974 entry, E Depois do Adeus, came last but was used a few weeks later as the secret signal to spark the April 25 revolution.

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May 11, 2011 at 10:34 am